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The Rawlings Maple Wood Youth Bat

Rawlings Maple Wood Youth Bat is a dream baseball bat for any young players with high ambitions. It was launched to fit the actual users and make the game more interesting.Built in a lightweight and balanced design.

This is a great power baseball bat with a stiff feel, thanks to its one-piece design. If your intention is to make your son a great hitter, then this 2 5/8 barrel bat is all you need. It improves the game spirit and perfects your performance.

With great comfort and grip at the handle and beautiful finish and graphics, this alloy layered bat is a nice piece for your kid’s training and little leagues.

Features of the Rawlings Maple Wood Youth Bat

Rawlings Maple Wood Bat is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features.

Performance End Cap and Knob

You must always go for a firm and comfortable grip when purchasing a baseball bat for your little baseball player. Built with a performance end cap and knob, this baseball bat will stay put and sturdy on your son’s little hands and offer him the best generation of swing power.

Thinly Layered RX4 Alloy

The maple wood baseball bats is covered with a thin layer of alloy which improves its swing speed as well as the bop each time you hit the ball. Besides, this addition makes the baseball bat more resistant to chips and dents. It is therefore one of the most long lasting bats in the market today.

2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

This is larger than the normal 2.25, meaning you can use it for little league as well as other higher youth leagues. If your son is ambitious and determined to be a great baseball player in life, then you should consider buying him this bat to grow with in the game.

Lightweight Balanced Design

other feature of this bat, this one makes it perfect for baseball kids. It is designed in a lightweight and great balance for easier swings and yet powerful bops on the ball. This bat is constructed to make the work of your small baseball player easier while perfecting the performance.

-13oz Length to Weight Ratio

It also comes in a perfect length to weight ratio, ideal for use by almost all little players. This is exactly what you need for your little league baseball player, to make the game more interesting and full of great results.


It does not vibrate much during use
The light swing weight makes it perfect for little players
Larger barrel makes it accurate and ideal for attack
This Durable bat comes for the right budget
Hits the ball with a great bop despite the lightweight


Bought this for my son, and all his friends wants to use it, meaning it will wear out fast
Features at a Glance
Balanced design
Thinly Layered

Asked and answer

I am worried about the size descriptions given, is this bat 2 1/4 or 2 5/8 inches?

A:Sorry about the confusing description, the bat is 2 1/4 inches.

Is this bat ideal for power hitters trying to hit home runs?

This is simply a perfect bat for power hitters. It has a one piece design and stiff flex making it ideal for power hitters.

Is this a balanced bat for a fast swing?

Rawlings Maple Wood Youth Bat is a great bat with a balanced swing weight.

This is what you should get for your little baseball player to grow with. With approval for little leagues and confirmed safe for use by junior baseball players, this Maple Wood Youth bat is the perfect result to your new bat search.

With a sizeable barrel and a perfect weight to length ration, this Rawlings baseball bat can be very enjoyable to use. It makes ball crashing much easier and even more interesting.

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